Running Through Woods on a Snowy Morning

I started working full time and gained 10 lbs, ask me how! With  my new, innovative system – sit more, exercise less and eat more crap – you too can be on your way to a thicker waist and tighter pants!

Egad, just checked my MapMyRun stats. No wonder I gained weight. I barely ran 30 miles in January. Most months I run over 50.  (Even 50 miles a month is quite modest by many regular runners’ standards.) It’s this stink’n winter weather.  Half frozen snow everywhere. Still dark in the mornings. That and the cookies, candy and other crap that’s always free for the taking on our conference table at work. They say you can’t outrun your diet, so the snacking’s gonna have to go.

Anyway, all this to say this morning I was extra motivated to run, despite the fresh fallen snow. No, actually, because of the fresh fallen snow. If you gotta run in snow, running in fresh fallen snow is the best. In two days, there will be ice from melting and refreezing. When the temperatures risesnowybrookthree21603 enough, they’ll be puddles from melted snow. Today, I could run on our neighborhood’s sidewalks and along the regional park’s trail without worrying about slipping or having to jump over snow mounds.

I saw two other runners. No deer though. Lots of car traffic. Or at least more than I would expect for a snowy Presidents Day. It was late when I ran, 9ish. Too late to enjoy the hush that comes with early morning snowfalls. It was still pretty though, the world covered in white.

I might be able to sneak in another decent run tomorrow morning, but after that the neighborhood sidewalks are going to get icy again and it’s still too dark before 7 AM to run in the park. I need to resign myself to run 6 or 7 times around the block for the next month or so. It’s dull, but better than not running at all.



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