The anti-running sticker

Noticed this great sticker today on my way to work.* It was on the

The anti-run sticker!

back of an SUV that was just ahead of me. I laughed out loud. I don’t know anything about this driver, except that she’s a non-runner and proud of it!

Anyone who’s read my blog for a while (if there are such folks) knows that I am a runner. But I am also a contrarian. I appreciate a good natured raspberry :p

Every group, be it runners, librarians, cat lovers, etc. deserves a little ribbing from outsiders (and insiders), just to keep them from taking themselves too seriously. I remember a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon that gently poked fun at hobby magazines. Cartoonist Bill Watterson is a cycling enthusiast, so he was thinking of cycling magazines, but it could work just as well for running mags or hobby trains. In the cartoon, Calvin was very excited to get his latest Chewing, a magazine for devoted gum chewers!  Hobbes expresses amazement that such a magazine even exists.

Runners are sometimes mocked as pretentious for their 26.1 stickers. I can understand how some folks might view such stickers as obnoxious bragging. But even before I started running, I had a more understanding view. Anyone who runs a marathon deserves to be publicly proud of it. He even deserves to brag a little. Non-runners, we’re not looking down on you, we’re just proud of accomplishing a very hard thing.

Alas, I have not yet earned a 26.2. The longest official run I’ve done is a 5k. I can’t bring myself to get a 5k sticker.  For me, finishing a 3.1 mile race isn’t worth a public brag. My usual weekday runs are at least 3.5 miles.  I don’t disparage those who have a 5k sticker though. Running such a race may be a major accomplishment for many people.

Unofficially, my longest distance has been 11+ miles. I’m scheduled to run a 1/2 marathon in November. I’ll be running the Potomac River Run. It’s billed as the easiest half in the country because the course is essentially flat. 🙂 It takes place on the C & O Canal trail.

I’m not a joiner. It took me a while to work up the gumption to sign up for the race. But I really want a 13.1 sticker for my minivan. 😉 If I ever work up the determination to train for and run a full marathon, I admit that part of my motivation would be for the sticker!

*Having crowed about the joys of biking a few posts ago, I must admit that I drove to work today. Oh the shame!

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