Half Crazy – River Dog

During the half marathon on Sunday, I saw a guy with a one man kayak coming up from the Potomac River. He had a Labrador sized dog with him. I wondered what he did with the dog while he was kayaking. Did he tie the dog to a tree, leave him a couple of treats and say,”Be back in an hour Rover?” That might have been par for the course in the “repressive” 1950s, but I imagine many would accuse the man of animal abuse in our more open, tolerant age.

No, I suspect the man took the dog with him. To paraphrase Forrest Gump’s President Johnson, I’d kinda like to see that. I can picture the man with his kayak helmet and double oar, paddling away in the middle of the river, while the dog sits grinning in front of him, nose turning this way and that, trying to catch each intriguing river scent.

What did the dog think the first time his owner tried to get him into the kayak? Was he eager? Frightened? Clueless? And now, after what I assume is plenty of kayaking experience, does the dog jump up with joy, tail wagging eagerly, whenever he sees the man (The Man with the Yellow Kayak!) loading the kayak onto his car? Has the dog every been in the kayak when it tipped over*? If so, what does the man do first, secure the kayak or save the dog? I vote for secure the kayak, since I’m gonna assume the dog can swim.

Anyway, the man and his dog went along their merry way, and so did I.

Speaking of merry, I got my race results yesterday. It took me 1 hour, 47 minutes and 42 seconds to run 13.1 miles. Not bad for a middle aged librarian. Well, the race is billed as the easiest half marathon in America. And my neighborhood is very hilly, so I had no choice but to train “hard” compared to the topography of the course. Anyway, glad it’s done. Gonna go for my first post race run tomorrow, an unhurried 3.5 or 4 mile run through the neighborhood.

Almost 10:30p, time for bed. Good night all.

*Is tipped over even the proper term for a kayak turning upside down, or would it be rolled over?

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