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The Package Arrives – Day 33

The good news.  They sent down a pod full of supplies!  The bad news.  It landed 3 miles away, on the other side of the river. Yes, yes, I know.  Landing an escape pod within 3 miles of a target … Continue reading

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The Beginning

Day 31 – June 18, 2163 -1800 Yes, yes, it’s been a few days.  What do you expect?  I am a second son after all.  My older brother, the golden boy, he’s been keeping a personal journal since he was … Continue reading

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Alone – The Centauri Plague

Day 28 – June 15, 2163 – 0700 It’s been a month now and I’m running out of supplies.  Not food of course.  The escape pod’s got a month of food for 2 people.  The food replicator even works.  Sort … Continue reading

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Waking Far from Home

Jiang Ku blinked at the bright light as he woke.  Why his was berth so bright?  His rack…was on the ground?  His heart sank as he remembered.  He was not on the research station.  He’d never see it again. He … Continue reading

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