Running Naked

I’ve decided I prefer running naked. Well, ok, mostly naked. I’m not so zen that I can run without my watch. There all limits after all.

For those not up on the latest running lingo, let me assure you, running naked does not mean running without clothing. I would not wish to impose such a sight on my poor, unsuspecting neighbors. And the moms at school would talk!

No, running naked refers to running without technology. For me that means no MP3 player or smart phone. Alas, it seems I can’t handle the tech. It distracts me from the run. I want to run with music, but it’s just not worth the hassle. Same with the GPS phone. It sounds so cool. I’m jealous of runners who can seamlessly integrate such things into their runs. I cannot.

I bought one of those phone holders you strap onto your bicep. This morning I tried it out. I started my music, loaded my phone into the holder and strapped it onto my shoulder. And off I ran for my long run.

9.34 miles! Go me!  Gotta get ready for the half marathon in November.

So I spend my 1/4 mile warm up fiddling with the strap on the holder to make sure it didn’t slip as I ran. Then I had to figure out what to do with the headphone cord. I ended up holding it in my hand to keep it from flapping. About 2 miles into my run, the bicep the holder was around started feeling sore. I checked the strap. It wasn’t too tight. I could put a finger between the strap and my skin. So I told myself to man up and ignore it. About 4.5 miles in my other hand caught on the headphone cord I was holding and ripped the headphones out of my ears. Then when I put the headphones back in, there was no sound coming out of the right earpiece.

I gave up. I took the headphones out and unstrapped the holder from my arm. I just carried the stuff the rest of the way. I could trouble shoot the headphones, or replace them. I could figure out some method of cord management. But it’s not worth the hassle. One of the chief appeals of running is its simplicity.

This is not the first trouble I’ve had with tech while running. It’s just the straw breaking that poor camel’s back. From now on, I’ll just run with my watch. Press a button to turn the stopwatch on when you start running. Forget about it for the duration of your run. Press the button to stop the stopwatch when your done. That’s enough tech for me, at least when I’m running.

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2 Responses to Running Naked

  1. Aaron says:

    Totally understand your frustration. Here’s what I’ve done (but I admit it’s still simpler to just throw on your shoes and head out the door): 1. String your headphone wire under your shirt and either out the bottom if you have a belt or out the arm to the hand you’ll hold it in. 2. I tried an arm band and it sucked. I got a flipbelt and this works really well. That’s it!

  2. I don’t run with headphones these days but, when I did, I’d keep the iPod in my pocket and feed the wire under my t-shirt. That way, if they fell out of my ears it wasn’t too much hassle. Nowadays I don’t bother with them, but still like having my garmin to keep track of the pace. 🙂

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