When I was a kid, I figured that by the time I was an adult (in the oh so distant future), I wouldn’t be so easily distracted. Somehow, between the time I was 10 and the time I was 30, I would magically acquire the ability to sit in a chair and work on something for 2 hours without getting up.

Ha! Oh naive youth. Now I’m over 40, and still that wondrous moment has yet to arrive. I’m still too easily distracted. Right now by whatever the ominous, and constant, banging noise is coming from the basement, where the kids and their friends are playing. When I was a kid, I blamed my distraction on my youth. Now that I’m an adult, I can blame the Internet, and my kids! It’s inevitable, by the time I pull myself away from Faceboook and Twitter and actually settle down to write something, some kid or another wants something. Or there’s some fracas that requires me to intervene. And that means it’s been going on a while, cause it’s gotta be pretty loud for me to intervene.

I long for a room of my own. If I had my own, relatively quiet retreat, THEN I would be able to concentrate. Or so I tell myself anyway.

Ug, more thumping from downstairs. I’m glad people don’t see me write. It’s like watching sausage being made. Here’s a sample from the last 10 minutes.

1. Think, I’m going to write now.
2. Check Facebook
3. Admonish toddler not to hop on wet winter clothes drying on the kitchen floor. She is of course hopping right next to the sharp corner of the table.
4. Check Twitter
5. Politely answer wife’s question, even though it is clear I am “trying to get something done here!”
6. Log into WordPress. Read a Freshly Pressed post. Remonstrate self for not writing posts worthy of Freshly Pressed.
7. Create new post.
8. Feel thumping graduate to house shaking thump. Given up cool reserve and yell downstairs, “What is that thumping? You’re shaking the house!”
9. Actually write 34 words.
10. Accidentally erase half my post with careless swipe of keypad. Restore text with cntl-Z.
11. Write 43 more words.
12. Check down hallway to see why toddler is suddenly so quiet. Interrogate her about where the $3 she has came from
13. Help her get some milk before she spills it.
14. Give up and go running.


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1 Response to Distractions

  1. Marilyn says:

    Ah, stream of consciousness at your house. Nice.

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