No No. 2 Pencils

The Secretary

My boss refuses to use No. 2 pencils.  Says he was traumatized by too many standardized tests.  Today’s his first $50,000,000 trial.  That’s why I’m scouring the neighborhood looking for No. 1’s.  Who sells No. 1 pencils?  Not Walgreens.  I went to Mt. Holyoke for this?

The Lawyer

$100,000 in student loans.  $500,000 mortgage.  $24,000 tuition for the boy.  Twice that next year when the girl starts.  $50 mil trials separate the men from the boys.  Win and I get to keep busting my ass to reach partner.  Lose and I’m stuck working for the city.  Damn!  Just broke my last pencil.

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